C’mon is:

Ian Blurton Guitar, Vocals (ex Bionic/Change of Heart. Producer of Tricky Woo, Cursed, The Illuminati, etc)
Katie Lynn Campbell Bass, Vocals (ex Nashville Pussy, Famous Monsters)
Dean Dallas Bentley Drums (ex All Systems Go, Damn 13)

C’mon is a child of Toronto and New Orleans, born of volume and sweat in the body of rock ‘n’ roll. They exist where the rivers become sidewalks, where moonlight is broken glass and the truths stretch out in alleyways. They are the hum of amps, the heartbeat of drums and the sound of voices in microphones that declare “freedom now”. They are the crackle of energy and the spark of electricity that lights up the dark night. They will ride Beyond the Pale Horse and follow the smoke from the flame to the fire that burns. C’mon are the distant thunder that comes yr way.

Beyond The Pale Horse was produced and mixed by Daryl Smith (Sloan, Godspeed You Black @#$%^&*, Frog Eyes) and was recorded in Sannich, B.C., Toronto and New Orleans by Daryl Smith, J Yuenger (White Zombie, Fu Manchu) and C’mon. The 180 gram vinyl with gatefold sleeve (500 copies only) is being put out by Yeah Right Records/Blown Speaker and the CD by Blown Speaker.

  • C’mon 4 song CD (sold out) 2004
  • Midnight is the Answer 10 songs LP/CD 2004
  • Drums tour E.P. 4 songs (sold out) 2005
  • In the Heat of the Moment 13 song LP/CD 2005
  • Bass tour E.P. 4 songs (sold out) 2006
  • Bottled Lightning of an All Time High 13 song LP/CD 2007
  • C’mon/Hot Live Guys split 7″ 2 C’mon songs (sold out) 2008
  • Peaches Bathroom/Southern Girls 7″ 2009
  • City of Daggers/Yr The Enemy/Oh Well 7″ 2009
  • C’mon/Pride Tiger split 7″ 1 C’mon song 2009
  • Beyond The Pale Horse 10 song LP/CD 2010

upcoming releases:

  • C’mon comp of all non-LP tracks (2010)
  • new 10″ (2011)